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safe_image (1) How to Tell Black People Apart by David Alan Grier | Watch | #theClippings

VideoBuzz: How to Tell Black People Apart by David Alan Grier Did you know black people can’t tell white people apart? Or Hispanics, or Asians. Too funny. theClippings — You just got the... 

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9781594486340_custom-7634a3cafb37cbab43f07b8b8f14d29ef4d795f7-s2-c85 Cross Dressing Slave #MediaApartheid or future Hollywood blockbuster?

MediaApartheid — You did it.  You — the audience. This is the kind of ish you want to see from Hollywood on the big screen.  Hollywood dangled carrot in front of entertainment slaves and... 

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Buzz from 2nd Annual HBCU Student Climate Change Conference | New Orleans

Live buzz captured from 2nd Annual HBCU Student Climate Change Conference, New Orleans.  Follow the Buzz | Live Stream Links   window.cilAsyncInit = function() {cilEmbedManager.init()};(function()... 

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10250283_817557104940740_103834492779945776_n ScandalFinale: Who’s fixing who? | Shonda Rhimes host #ScandalTWR chat | Gladiators ready to #BreakTwitter | Where will you watch?

Though Scandal receives mixed reviews for black girls behaving badly in their return to lead roles in a drama series, gladiators ready to set records for yet another multi-tv-gasmic #ScandalFinale.  What... 

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Hair She Buzz: Traumatized Orphan aka Reality Star Mimi Faust Linked to Sex Tape | #theClippings

Clipped from several sources: Appears traumatized orphan, failed matriarch aka reality star Mimi Faust wants to rise above by going lowest route she can find — a sex tape. What are we to say when... 

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The Podcast: Great Debates

1978697_10152286213748470_564678419_n DryerBuzz launches Saturday morning podcast series #HairSheBuzz with DryerBuzz & Co | Listen

Up way to early for a Saturday morning, Yalanda P Lattimore, editor of DryerBuzz.com and mother of four, had an epiphany – let’s talk let’s... 

DryerBuzz.com WHOLE Forum Buzz Update: Are you ready to become WHOLE? Countdown has begun to 2014 | The Buzz Stops are Here

Are you ready to become WHOLE? The countdown has begun to 2014. We’re going to make you WHOLE – wise, health, owners, loved, and empowered.... 

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DryerBuzz.com Presents #27Answers

27 answers DryerBuzz presents #27Answers to Create Buzz with Books | Success Call | March 27th

Extend business shelf life with customers by offering books, series, how to’s, product catalogs. Or, turn your blog into the next best seller.  Learn... 

Screenshot 2013-10-05 at 7.30.29 AM - Edited VideoBuzz: DryerBuzz Buzzes BarOne | Urban America Today TV | Scandal Watch Party #LivingAtlantaStyle

VideoBuzz:  follow the buzz as we buzz Bar One courtesy of Urban American Today TV for Scandal season 3 premiere.  Also catch the buzz you missed from... 

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